Faith Exchange Network Podcast Episode #5 with JiNan Glasgow George

On today’s Podcast Episode #5 I will share a great conversation with my good friend JiNan Glasgow George.
The Full Episode premieres at 3pm ET today Thursday June 16, 2022.

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Welcome to Faith Exchange Network Podcast, Episode #5

On this fifth episode, I’m interviewing my good friend JiNan Glasgow George who’s been part of our network for years and is a powerful Christian businesswoman.

JiNan Glasgow George has built her career from engineering to patent law and investment by transforming ideas into assets and connecting innovators to the resources they need to make a positive impact. JiNan has been working to leverage patent information to stimulate and accelerate innovation, particularly in developing economies. She introduced the Patent Free Zone model – applicable in most developing countries to leverage the world’s most cutting-edge research & technology for commercial acceleration of in-country development to de-risk investment and make a positive impact.

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